The Jacksonville Panic

Several consultants, Democrat and Republican, clued me in last year on a race that has sailed under the radar in the United States: the Jacksonville, FL mayoral race.

Democrats and Republicans alike tell me that Barack Obama used Jacksonville as a testing ground for his campaign strategy and technology in helping Democrats take the city. Registered Democrats outnumber their Republican counterparts, but the city has largely been held by Republicans. It is in the swing state of Florida. Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in the United States.

In other words, in the year before an election, Jacksonville is a brilliant place to give some technology and techniques a trial run for other campaigns. The Democrats and Republicans have realized that. The Clinton team, Obama team, Bush team, and various other Republicans have all been observant and engaged.

Jacksonville was just taken back by the Republicans.

Now, shift your eyes to Washington. Priorities USA was the Super PAC created to help Barack Obama get re-elected. In the last couple of years it shifted to getting Hillary Clinton elected President. Except, just yesterday, Priorities USA had its second major shakeup in two years. David Brock had been put in charge, but left. Now others are fleeing. The Super PAC has not even engaged on raising money.

Meanwhile, in Iowa, Hillary Clinton is being hounded by reporters brave enough to ask questions and even some solid liberals, like Chris Hayes on MSNBC, are pointing out Hillary’s disastrous foreign policy episodes like Libya.

Things just aren’t going well for the Democrats right now. Must be climate change.