Like a Leftwing Blogger With Actual Courage in His Convictions

There was so hilarious juxtaposition in the news yesterday as Barack Obama was lecturing the Coast Guard graduates on global warming as previously unreleased documents from Osama Bin Laden showed he too was deeply concerned about global warming.

In fact, Osama Bin Laden was deeply concerned about money in politics, global warming, and a host of other left-wing issues. It’s like Hitler, who was deeply concerned that his nation needed a minimum wage, universal health care, and needed to go organic, vegetarian as a nation.

Crazy totalitarian despots have the wackiest ideas. Note: that’s comparing Bin Laden and Hitler and has nothing to do with President Obama.

What is really funny here is that Bin Laden’s concerns about big money in politics and global warming could come from any inane rambling from a leftwing blogger or MSNBC talking head. In fact, I’ve noted repeatedly that with the exception of mass murderous violence, the radical left and Islamic jihadists have a lot in common. They deeply hate America and capitalism, and they thrive on a hive like need to collectively intimidate, harass, and silence their opposition. They have no grace and demand conversion.

In fact, ultimately what sets Bin Laden apart from left-wing thugs is that he has the same views of a left wing blogger, but also has courage in his convictions.