Matt Bevin Wins

[Revised given the polling at the end]

I did not endorse Matt Bevin for the Kentucky Governor’s race. I endorsed Hal Heiner a month ago when it seemed all was lost for Bevin and the third man in the race, James Comer, was worth beating.

Matt Bevin ran against what the media had caricatured him as and he cleaned up. He ran a clean race as the grown up while Heiner and Comer got into the mud.

The press called it for Matt Bevin and I’m delighted even though I did not back him. But tonight, after I had originally posted this, the press retracted those reports and it is very close with Comer in second place. Nonetheless, Ace of Spades HQ is calling it for Bevin and they’ve been very accurate. I wrote one post endorsing Heiner, but refused to say anything negative about Matt Bevin. He’s a good man, has a great family, and is a true patriot.

This race has national implications for us because the establishment in Kentucky did not want Bevin. They are nursing a grudge against him for daring to challenge McConnell.

When it is finally called for Matt Bevin, I’m sending him $250.00 and you should do the same. He’s going to need every penny he can get.

The Republican Establishment always tells us, when our guys get beat, that we need to stay in the race and not take our football home.

Now they get to prove they are in the same boat. Let’s watch and see if they take their footballs and go home. I hope they don’t, but they have a history of doing just that.

Together we can help Matt Bevin become Governor of Kentucky. And the Republican Establishment has the chance to prove it won’t walk away when it doesn’t get its way.

Congratulations Matt Bevin.