Hey Free Beacon! Don't Forget This George Stephanopoulos Story

I call for the Washington Free Beacon to remember this story. I didn’t think at the time that it got the attention it deserved. But with the latest George Stephanopoulos story, I think it is time to revisit this.

The Free Beacon exposed the Clinton Foundation donations and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager interning for Stephanpoulos.

The Politico story from 2009 pointed out that the Clinton War Room team of James Carville, Paul Begala, and George Stephanopoulos were still regularly chatting into the start of the Obama Administration with Rahm Emanuel.

The conversations don’t begin with hello. They don’t end with goodbye. Most often they pick up with a low, drawling voice uttering something between a sentence and a grunt.


For those accustomed to hearing James Carville only when he is trying to enunciate more clearly for television, that translates to: “What’s going on?”
So begins another morning in what may count as Washington’s longest-running conversation — a street-corner bull session between four old friends who suddenly find themselves standing once more at the busiest intersection of politics and media in Washington.

Carville calls White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

Emanuel calls ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent George Stephanopoulos.

A bit later, CNN commentator Paul Begala, who is not quite the early bird that his friends are, will complete the circle with a rapid set of calls to all three.

Different versions of this round-robin chatter have been taking place, with few interruptions, every workday for nearly a generation.

“I refer to it as the 17-year-long conference call,” said Emanuel, who starts calling his friends at 6 a.m. “You can tap into it anytime you want.”

Everyone likes to deride the “conventional wisdom.” In fairness, though, the wisdom is not yet conventional at the moment it is hatched.

And in any given news cycle, it is quite likely that Washington’s prevailing political and media interpretation — at least on the Democratic side — is being hatched on these calls.

But Stephanopoulos is an objective reporter.