You're Missing the Story on George Stephanopoulos

Former Clinton employee George Stephanopoulos, who plays an objective reporter for ABC News on television, gave $75,000.00 to the Clinton Foundation.

Shocker. No, not really.

George Stephanopoulos has now decided to forego moderating a Republican Presidential debate.

Shocker. No, not really.

The real story in my mind is that the Republican Party ever thought George Stephanopoulos should moderate a Republican Presidential debate to begin with. Did I mention he is a former Clinton employee?

George Stephanopoulos may be as objective as possible, but he is still a liberal with a liberal world view. That thinking shapes his questions to candidates and was on full display in 2012 when he asked Mitt Romney about banning birth control.

Not one damn soul in America thinks that is going to happen and there is not a single elected official in the United States who is seriously considering that, or was even considering it in 2012. But George Stephanopoulos felt the need to ask that question as a way to set up a media gotcha moment to feed on the “war on women” narrative.

And the Republican Party still felt like it could let the former Clinton employee moderate a Republican debate in a year Hillary Clinton is running for President.

That’s the story. That is the shocking part.

The only thing that’d be surprising about George Stephanopoulos and the Clinton Foundation would have been if he had not written checks.