A Third Question

As we end this month, we must go back to the beginning of the month. Three hundred Republicans filed a brief with the United States Supreme Court begging the court to impose homosexual marriage on the country so that their party need not have to deal with the issue in Campaign 2016. Some of them really want homosexual marriage, but I have no doubt a significant portion of the signers really just don’t want to have to deal with the issue on the campaign trail and are, therefore, perfectly happy for the Supreme Court to impose their black-robed morality on us and redefine a multi-thousand year old institution for political convenience and expedience.

On April 2nd, I proposed two question that I think each signer of the amicus brief should answer if they want to be taken seriously by conservatives. Frankly, given how many of them are now working for Presidential candidates, I think we should get those candidates on record too. But now I must submit that a third question must be asked and it is of utmost importance.

The first two questions were:

  1. Do you support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as signed into law by President Clinton?
  2. Do you believe a Christian business should be compelled by the state to provide goods or services to a gay wedding?

And now we must ask a third question, given how oral arguments went before the Supreme Court. That question is this:

Do you believe non-profit institutions, including but not limited to religious private schools and charities, should have their tax-exempt status revoked for failure to recognize homosexual marriage?

After the oral arguments, this is no longer an abstract question. Republican voters have a right to know how candidates who employ any of these 300 would answer and, frankly, given the prominence of many of those who signed the brief I think we should have an answer from all of them too. Quickly.