National Insanity

Twice did Bruce Jenner win gold medals for the decathlon. In 1975 at the Pan Am Games in Mexico City, then again in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Jenner bested the world and broke some world records in the process.

After the Olympics, Jenner found himself on the Wheaties box. He appeared in film and television. He took up car racing. His name and image made him money. Married and divorced three times, his last marriage was to Kris Jenner, which put him back on television keeping up with a bunch of overexposed Kardashians. He also fathered six children along the way.

If press reports are to be believed, now at the age of sixty-five, Bruce Jenner has decided he is a she. And if you think this is insane, you are a hateful bigot interfering with someone’s life journey. As Americans we are supposed to applaud this.

On Tuesday night, NBC News profiled a family hailed as “courageous” because the two year old daughter decided she wanted to be a he. So the family lets her play as him. And if you think there might be something not quite right, you are a hateful bigot who just does not understand. If you dare call her a female or use her real name, you are insensitive.

At the California Polytechnic University, students staged a poop in to protest there being only six unisex bathrooms on campus. Actually, they called it something close to “sit in.” The students have so much time on their hands, they believe social justice demands sensitivity to the needs of transgendered students who want to poop in bathrooms of their own choosing.

In the United States of America today, the gender of the person you have sex with is determined by your birth, while you get to pick your own gender. Ironically, the people who claim we are born gay or straight, but get to decide for ourselves whether we are a boy or girl, have no science to back them up. They have adopted the Latin prefix “cis” as if to make their pseudoscience more science-like, but they run head long into biology and science.

The very same people who tell us the science is settled on global warming and who think anyone who believes in a God of creation is a dolt will tell you with a straight face that it is perfect fine and healthy if a two year old child believes he is a she or if a 65 year old former Olympic athlete suddenly decides to surgically trim his Adam’s apple and identify as a female. Forget the science.

If it feels good, we are supposed to do it. If it is not prohibited, it shall become mandatory. And when we die that is the end. The worms will eat our bodies and it is turtles all the way down. The Prophet Isaiah said, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” Were he alive today, he might also add woe to those who make boys girls and who make girls boys.

None of this makes sense in a sane world. But we are no longer allowed to point that out. To do so is to be a hateful bigot. Still, it needs to be said. We live in an age of mental illness as just another lifestyle choice. It will not end well for any of us.