Entitled Underachieving Middle Son of the Romney Clan Wants Someone to Challenge Mike Lee

Josh Romney is the unaccomplished and underachieving middle child of Mitt Romney. He is consequently starved for attention and, as a result, decided to sit down with KSL television in Utah to declare that he is politically ambitious because it is in his blood, but he has no desire to challenge [mc_name name=’Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’L000577′ ].

But, the lesser Romney middle child would like you to know that someone needs to challenge Mike Lee because gosh darnit Mike Lee is just too darn conservative.

Just listen to this guy puke all over himself about Mike Lee. It is embarassing.

[H]e respects Lee for “fighting for principles he believes in strongly”

And then

Romney said Lee appears to be more willing to compromise.

So why run against Lee? Well

It was the shutdown, which cost Utah millions of dollars, that sparked talk of a Republican challenge to Lee. Spencer Zwick, the Utahn who raised a billion dollars as Mitt Romney’s national finance chairman in 2012, was especially adamant.

Zwick called Lee a “show horse” who “just wants to be a spectacle” in a 2013 Washington Post article, warning he and others in the business community would work against Lee’s re-election.

Now, if you will remember, Spencer Zwick the guy who raised Romney money and decided he was a badass who knows everything because of it. He has also hitched his wagon to Team Romney and so, no doubt, must say awesome things to stroke their egos. And what better way to stroke the ego of an unaccomplished middle child than to suggest he’d be a better Senator than Mike Lee.

And on what grounds? The shutdown. You know, that act that cost the GOP their Senate majority. Oh . . . wait . . . .

In other words, the middle child of the Romney family thinks it is awesome that Mike Lee stands on principles, but defunding his dad’s health insurance scheme . . . . errrr . . . . Barack Obama’s health insurance scheme is not a princple worth standing on, according to Josh Romney.

So, because he thinks Mike Lee stands on principle, but is willing to compromise, Josh Romney wants someone to challenge Mike Lee. He just does not want to be the sacrificial lamb doing it.

Friends, what the hell sort of media whore goes on Utah television to say how awesome a Senator he would be, but he’s not actually going to do it because, you know, it would be beneath him or something and the current guy is awesome and all, but needs to be challenged. I can only imagine Josh Romney speaks Valley Girl as his native tongue.

Is there a Romney that doesn’t suck? These guys have become addicted to the spot light. Please set your stop watch and time how long it takes for them to marry into the Kardashian clan.