Madam Yesterday

Yesterday, [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ] referred to Hillary Clinton as “yesterday’s candidate.” It is a theme he can use about Jeb Bush too as he tries to pivot. Rubio, like Bill Clinton in 1992, is campaigning on a bridge further into the 21st Century. As he does so, along with the other Republicans, Hillary “Madam Yesterday” Clinton is going to keep finding yesterday’s news haunting her.

It was Hillary Clinton who presented a reset button to the Russians in 2009. It was she who steered that relationship and heralded a much improved relationship with the Russians.

Now comes word of what that reset relationship looks like. Having given up trying to get Iran to close some of its underground centrifuges, President Obama now just hopes they won’t make a bomb. But the Russians, with whom Hillary reset our relationship, are now going to supply the Iranians with a surface to air defensive missile system to prevent the United States or anyone else from blowing up the centrifuges with bunker busting bombs.

That’s right folks. Hillary Clinton reset our relationship with Russia and now Russia is supply weapons to Iran to ensure they can complete their nuclear weapon.

Her reset had rippling effects that, even now, we have not yet felt.

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