Three Hundred Republicans Who Need to Be On The Record ASAP

Three Hundred Republicans asked the United States Supreme Court to impose gay marriage on the United States. They filed a brief in the Court asking for that to happen.


The list reads like a who’s who of political consultants and pundits. Many of them are dear friends of mine. All of them essentially want the Supreme Court take take an issue off the political playing field so they don’t have to deal with it. Some, but not all of them, actually support gay marriage.

All of them are extremely naive to think the Supreme Court deciding this issue instead of the democratic institutions of America will be the end of it. Holy Scripture and 40 years of fighting over abortion prove otherwise.

Regardless, however, led by Ken Mehlman, these 300 Republicans need to be put on the record now with two questions:

  1. Do you support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as signed into law by President Clinton?
  2. Do you believe a Christian business should be compelled by the state to provide goods or services to a gay wedding?

If nothing else, I think we need these 300 on the record on these questions immediately so we can then gauge how much support each 2016 Republican Presidential candidate has from this group.


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