Show Us Where Israel Touched You, Mr. President

I chuckled the other day on twitter when I saw Kevin Eder tweet, “Mr President, please show me on the doll where Israel touched you.” The President’s antagonism toward Israel, shared by many on the left, borders on the irrational. A nation surrounded by many larger nations all hell bent on its annihilation, Israel’s fight for existence is not like ours.


In minutes, the nation of Israel could be vaporized by nutjob — like the nutjob who tells his people America is the Great Satan and Israel must be destroyed. That’d be the Ayatollah. But Barack Obama, who has condemned Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign rhetoric, says the “death to America” rhetoric in Iran is just for domestic political consumption.

At this point, we may really have to present a doll to President Obama and has him to show us where Israel touched him. What we will find is that Israel touched him in his ego. Turns out that Israel has been spying on American negotiations with Iran. Oddly enough, the Administration did not much care.

What bothered them was that Israel then shared the intelligence with . . . wait for it . . . no serious, wait for it . . . the United States Congress! I am not kidding.

The espionage didn’t upset the White House as much as Israel’s sharing of inside information with U.S. lawmakers and others to drain support from a high-stakes deal intended to limit Iran’s nuclear program, current and former officials said.

“It is one thing for the U.S. and Israel to spy on each other. It is another thing for Israel to steal U.S. secrets and play them back to U.S. legislators to undermine U.S. diplomacy,” said a senior U.S. official briefed on the matter.


How dare Israel undermine American talks with a country that wants to annihilate both Israel and the United States. Our petulant, thin-skinned, mom jeans wearing President is angry because he got exposed. Boo freaking hoo.


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