Georgia's David Ralston Forgets Hobby Lobby

Down in Georgia, its Republican Speaker of the House, David Ralston, pushed through a transportation tax increase. But he is signaling he has no intention of protecting religious liberty in the state.


Bowing to the Chamber of Commerce and gay rights activists, David Ralston says religious liberty does not need to be protected because we have the first amendment. In fact, Ralston says the only way he would consider bringing up S.B. 129, the state’s religious liberty law that has already passed the state senate, is if Republicans in the State House of Representatives demand it.

Today, gay rights activists are going to storm the State Capitol in Georgia and claim RFRA is only a front for discrimination. They will say that RFRA is only being pushed so Christians do not have to provide goods and services to gay weddings.

David Ralston and the gay rights groups have clearly forgotten about Hobby Lobby. If you are in Georgia, you must call your state representative and demand a vote on S.B. 129 without amendment. Whether you are in Georgia or not, you need to remember Hobby Lobby and understand why Georgia needs to pass S.B. 129.

When the Obama Administration passed Obamacare, the government demanded businesses pay for abortion causing drugs. Hobby Lobby, which covers the birth control costs of its employees, refused to cover five to seven drugs that induce abortions. The Obama Administration demanded Hobby Lobby comply. It refused and sued along with several other small businesses whose families are guided by their faith in operating their businesses.


Hobby Lobby won its case in the United States Supreme Court. It did so not because of the First Amendment, but because of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Supreme Court case was very clear. The First Amendment would not have been enough to help the businesses affected. They had to rely on RFRA.

That’s why Georgia needs to pass S.B. 129. It’s not about what happens today or tomorrow. It’s about what happens a year from now. It’s not about what happens at the state level. It’s about what happens at the municipal and county level.

Speaker of the House David Ralston does not believe Christians need their faith protected. He is willing to see Christians surrender their ability to live their faith outside of 11am to noon on Sunday.

It is critically important that if you live in Georgia that you call your State Representative. If you go here, you can put in your address to find the phone number of your State Representative. You need to call him and tell him to demand the Speaker put S.B. 129 up for a vote without amendment.

You need to call today.


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