Prostitutes and Their Johns

State Senator Hunter Hill proposed legislation, Senate Bill 63 (“SB63”) to bring some semblance of common sense to the State of Georgia.

Georgia is one of five states that prohibits beer brewers from selling their beer directly to the public. Wineries can, but breweries cannot.

The issue is not about beer. It is not about whether or not you like beer. It is about whores and the siren call for money. It is about corruption.

Hunter Hill’s legislation was put on the slow track, according to multiple Republican state senators, by the Republican Lt. Governor Casey Cagle who has received over $100,000.00 in campaign contributions this past campaign cycle from groups opposed to S.B.63.

Once it came up for a vote in the Regulated Industries Committee in the State Senate, a “compromise” plan gutted the legislation.

SB63 would have allowed beer breweries to sell up to 1440 ounces of beer, or a 12 pack of beer, to people who visit the brewery. But with the compromise plan reached in the Senate, all the breweries could do would be to give away free beer up to 64 ounces in a single container.

Free beer sounds awesome, but it comes with an incredible price. The breweries could only give the beer away to individuals who paid a jacked up price for a tour of the brewery. There’d be no free beer at all.

It’s the most absurd contradiction. The legislature now claims they’ve legislated that breweries can give away free beer, while forcing the breweries to raise the costs of tours and add additional burdens to both them and the public.

Why they did it is most galling. They did it because Republican members of the State Legislature, like whores, love money. Instead of prostituting themselves with sex for cash, they are prostituting themselves for legislative protectionism in exchange for cash. Their johns — Casey Cagle’s john — are alcoholic beverage wholesalers who have flooded the state legislature with cash to prop up an antiquated distribution system for alcohol.

And here is the frank fact of the matter. Unless you make your legislator feel pain and fear you, this will not change.

Tomorrow, S.B. 63 comes to a vote on the floor of the Senate. The votes are there to amend it to put it back in its original form. This is the list of members of the State Senate, both the whores and the righteous.

You should call every damn one of these corrupt prostitutes and demand they support S.B.63 in its original form instead of the bastardized amended version their johns have insisted on.

Republicans and Democrats in Georgia will not change the system of bribery and prostitution among our elected officials unless we all commit to waging violent war against our own side in both party contests and primaries.

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