Hillary Clinton Tweets A Less Than Credible Response

We now know Hillary Clinton conducted all of her email correspondence via an email domain with a server located in her private resident. The story has been brewing for days. The other day, Clinton spoke at a kid killing conference where a bunch of people who support kid killing creepily talked about bundles of joy.


At the kid killing conference, Clinton made no reference to the E-Pot Dome scandal, as some are now calling it, thankfully avoiding adding -gate to the name. But, she does support the right of women to kill kids. So there’s that.

Notwithstanding her silence for days and days, at 11:35 p.m. tonight, well after media deadlines for newspapers and well after the major TV news networks had gone to bed and on the eve of another major snow storm to distract the news, Hillary Clinton tweeted out this:

Let’s get this straight. The story goes on for several days. It finally makes it to even to ABC’s World News Today. It comsumes a press briefing at the White House. The New York Times runs stories on it for three days trying to explain it. The Congress subpoenas her emails. And then, and only then, several days in and less than a half-hour before midnight Hillary Clinton tweets her response?

That’s not credible. While I applaud a woman of her age being up this late, it is not credible. If she really wanted the public to see her emails, she would not have kept them on a server in her house away from FOIA requests.


And then there is the issue of timing. Mrs. Clinton tweeted her spin less than half an hour before midnight tonight. When did she ask the State Department to release her emails? An hour before midnight?

To wait that many days to send a rather meaningless tweet is not a good a good sign about either their competence or their state of mind.

This is not credible. But it is really, really funny. The only thing that makes it funnier is her twitter picture, which is of her checking her email. Perhaps she can start a new Clinton Foundation to help other senior citizens be so tech savvy.

I applaud Hillary Clinton being that rare breed of senior citizen — up late watching QVC and tweeting.


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