Helen Nianias (@helennianias) Blatantly Distorts Dana Loesch's Point in the UK's Independent

I’m not sure if Helen Nianias is intentionally malicious or just mentally defective. Or perhaps I should embrace the healing power of “and.” Either way, she and the UK Independent have blatantly distorted talk radio show host Dana Loesch’s cogent point on civil liberties.

They headlined their story on Dana’s comments, “Radio host Dana Loesch says gay people will be stoned to death if Christians can’t discriminate against them”. That is the actual headline.

You must muddy through a story polluted with miscellanea to get to the bottom of the piece where you arrive at this:

“If I’m not speaking up [while] you’re losing rights then what will happen to me when the day comes, if someone comes to me? What if you’re stoned for walking out in the street for being gay?” she argues. “I mean – come on. That’s where the conversation needs to go.”

So the headline suggests gays will be stoned if Christians cannot discriminate against them.

What Loesch actually says is that Christians need to stand up against gays being stoned in the Middle East and elsewhere and gay rights activists should be standing up for Christians, instead of targeting their businesses in the United States.

A normal person should get that point. Helen Nianias is not a normal person. She equates an Amazon Prime advertisement with “corporate rape,” which suggests she’s actually a malicious, agenda driven nutter.

She also lacks basic comprehension when it comes to Dana Loesch’s point.