Religious Liberty Supporters Are Helping the KKK

Money can make people say stupid stuff. Former Georgia Attorney General Mike Bowers, whose name is forever tied to the Supreme Court case of Bowers v. Hardwick, is “evolving” on gay rights. It comes as he gets on the payroll of Georgia Equality, a leftwing advocacy group in Georgia. Bowers, you see, is now a lobbyist. And today he will make the case that people supporting religious liberty in Georgia risk bringing back a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan.


Bowers intends to tell the Georgia House of Representatives that passing a state version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act could emboldened the KKK to put back on their masked. They claimed a religious right to do so and Bowers believes Georgia’s Anti-Mask Act, upheld by the Georgia Supreme Court in 1990, could suddenly be at jeopardy.

He says it is “not an exaggeration” to say such things. No, it is actually just flat out wrong.

What we are seeing is the radical left will say and do anything to oppose religious freedom. They are throwing everything at the wall hoping something sticks. First they accused religious liberty supporters of supporting child abusers. Now, they accuse religious liberty supporters of supporting the KKK.

House Bill 218 in Georgia, like Senate Bill 129, allows the state to do things that violate a person’s religious faith if there is a compelling interest to the state and the law is the least restrictive means to accomplish the goal.

What Bowers is not saying is that in 1990 the Georgia Supreme Court, in the case of State v. Miller, 260 Ga. 669 (1990), found that banning the KKK mask was a compelling governmental interest. “Safeguarding the right of the people to exercise their civil rights and to be free from violence and intimidation is not only a compelling interest, it is the General Assembly’s affirmative constitutional duty.” 260 Ga. at 672 (emphasis added).


In fact, doing so rises to the level of a constitutional demand, according to the Georgia Supreme Court. It is, in fact, an exaggeration to think the Anti-Mask Act is jeopardy. But again, the radical left is not opposed to lying to oppose religious liberty.

Below are the names and contact information of members of the Georgia House’s Judiciary Committee. I suggest you call them and tell them to support H.B. 218 as it is written. There are efforts to amend the law to, essentially, gut it then pass it so Republicans can claim they supported it, knowing full well they gutted it first.




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