CNN's Chris Cuomo Gives an Unbelievable Answer on Whether He'd Enforce Dred Scott

I don’t know that I have ever seen this level of unforced error from anyone on television ever. In an interview with Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore over a federal district court’s order on gay marriage, CNN’s Chris Cuomo first asserted that a majority of people support gay marriage, as opposed to a plurality. I’m pretty sure he was just talking about Alabama, which makes it even worse.


Further, Chris Cuomo did not understand the nuances of the case. The probate courts in Alabama issue marriage license. The federal district court enjoined the Alabama Attorney General, who plays no role in issuing marriage licenses. And Chief Justice Moore, for all his faults, was right to point out that the federal court’s order did not apply to probate judges. Chris Cuomo did not understand, or did not want to understand that.

But the most damning part of the interview came with Chief Justice Moore asked Chris Cuomo if Cuomo would have adhered to Dred Scott, which treated black people as inferior to white people, or Plessy v. Ferguson, which established separate but equal as the law of the land.

Cuomo tried to get out of answering the question, but Chief Justice Moore demanded Cuomo answer it. It is safe to say, Cuomo would have enforced both Dred Scott and Plessy based on his answer, which was “You follow the law of the land. You follow the law of the land. That’s what our nation is based on.”


See for yourself and note that earlier in the interview Cuomo said our rights come from people, refuting the Declaration of Independence.


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