Forever Determined To Let Us Know He Won

One of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned in life came from one of the Deans of Students when I was in college. He would never sit at the head of the table in a meeting. Often he would sit off to the side. He said he was the Dean where ever he sat.


Barack Obama, commentators on both sides of the aisle have noted, often seems insecure. In an impromptu moment last night, he again had to point out he won twice. The left loved it. It was not in the prepared remarks, but in a speech entirely catering to the left, there was probably some planning.

It did, however, undermine all the bipartisan overtones of his speech. He may have won twice, but thanks to him, the GOP has won Congress, Governors Mansions, and State Legislatures galore in both 2010 and 2014. In fact, Barack Obama last night spoke to the fewest Democrats in Congress in 90 years.

He just cannot help himself.

As you are reading this, Barack Obama’s tenure ends in less than two years. In a year, he will see a member of his own party distance himself or herself from the President in order to win. The President is right. He has no races left to win.

And thanks to his leadership, he has very little legacy to left to defend. The world is a far more dangerous place than when Barack Obama took office. The nation is far more divided. And Republicans should commit themselves to seeing that Barack Obama’s legacy lies on the ash heap of history.


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