I Have Read the Speech. It Sucks.

The President who wanted to extricate the country from war will spend a significant portion of his speech talking about foreign policy and national security. He will do so because his own policies have caused disasters around the world.


He will spend a lot of time on “middle class economics,” which means more taxes, more spending, and more government dependence. Gone are the days when “middle class economics” meant spend no more than you bring in, save, budget wisely, and take care of yourself.

Now it is all about what government can do for you. Obama may not be the anti-Christ, but he sure is the anti-Kennedy.

It’s full of fluff. It is full of cheap oratory. It is full of feel good, bipartisan applause lines. And we will forget the whole thing within two weeks. His policy proposals are garbage. Their chance of passage are zero.

And his presidency ends two years from today. So there’s that.


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