The Question on Dave Agema is Not Difficult

Dave Agema is an RNC Committeeman from Michigan. The Republican National Committee will consider expelling him at its upcoming meeting. There are a lot of people who want to portray this as a complicated issue, but it is not. Agema should be removed.


Agema has linked to, cited, and otherwise put forward a lot of information on the gay rights agenda and on gays. At a time when the secularists would persecute any Christian who stands for Christianity, calls out homosexuality as sin, etc. a lot of Christians in the GOP want to defend Agema. I am sympathetic.

I see the secular world, inside and outside the GOP, conspiring to shut up and drive from debate any of us who question the gay rights agenda. Those of us who do so are routinely assailed, attacked, pilloried, denounced, and demagogued though the truth of our assertions are never rebutted.

Those who defend Dave Agema are hiding behind this trend as their defense. But it is a paltry defense. Set it aside for moment.

Agema decided to use a KKK rally organizer to attack gay rights.

Even presuming Agema did not know, what Agema said himself is inexcuable.

On his Facebook page Agema asserts the inferiority of blacks, that they cannot control their impulses, and that they cannot reason.

In addition to this being factual untrue, it is flat out racist and brings into question Agema’s judgment.

The House GOP made a mistake keeping [mc_name name=’Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’S001176′ ] in his position. The RNC should not make the same mistake regarding Dave Agema. At least Scalise was only discussing tax policy and may or may not have attended the event he apologized for attending.


Agema wrote the comments himself and any person of good sense and judgment should know the comments are both not true and out of bounds. The Party of Lincoln should abide no person who cites Klansmen and no person who asserts that black citizens are inferior.

All men are equal, according to our Declaration of Independence. But some men are too full of dumbassery to hold positions within the parties of this Republic.

Dave Agema has chosen not to apologize and the RNC should summarily dismiss him from his position.


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