Hey Pastor, Can I Have a Minute of Your Time?

Newsweek is back and this time it is fully a leftist rag. It’s latest is Christian troll bait written by non-religious scholar Kurt Eichenwald of Vanity Fair who, if you’ve ever paid attention to him, holds Christianity in disdain to begin with.


So of course a guy who hates Christianity is going to attack it. His attacks, for knowledgeable Christians, are silly fabrications and half-truths. But then Eichenwald is not really writing for Christians, but against them. He’s writing to the secularists trying to buttress their faith in their gods.

Al Mohler has a well written rebuttal as does Michael Kruger.

But, again, Eichenwald does not care nor do those who will read Eichenwald and take him as being truthful. They are writing to others already deeply hostile to Christianity to provide them their arguments for the dinner table and in their encounters with Christian friends. They’re providing the seeds to sow against the one true Faith.

So pastors, I’m just a seminary student. But I know for certain you need to up your game. Your congregation needs the facts. Your congregation needs to know the details of scripture. Your congregation actually needs to know how the Bible was derived. Your congregation needs to know why the accounts of Christ’s birth seem to differ, as does some of the time line of his death.


Your congregation needs to know these things because they are more likely than you going to be confronted with the parroters of Eichenwald.

Again, Kurt Eichenwald does not care about the truthfulness of what he is writing. He does not care for your side. He is not in this to be fair, but to disrupt, to harm, and to undermine. All that comes via readers of Newsweek who will more readily encounter the sheep and not the shepherds.

So you best start preparing them.


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