Communists Win the Day. Frank Marshall Davis Would Be Proud Of Obama

Few could have predicted that communist regimes would win the day on December 17, 2014. Communism was so twentieth century. But Barack Obama, promising to fundamentally transform America, has done so. His mentor, communist activist Frank Marshall Davis, would be proud of him.


To reiterate my conclusion on Barack Obama’s world view and policy objectives: to make the world safer, the United States must be less safe. To make the world more stable, the United States must be less stable. To make the world more prosperous, the United States must be less prosperous.

Assisting Barack Obama in this are the Washington technocrats, bureaucrats, and numerous party apparatchiks of both parties who have decided America is in decline and the decline should be managed instead of overcome.

So as the ruble craters and Venezuela crumbles, both having subsidized the communist regime in Cuba, Barack Obama will step in to prop up the regime. It is worth noting that, despite all the claims that the Cuban embargo was not successful, its requirements that Cuba purchase American products in cash instead of on credit has kept the Cuban regime from accumulating wealth to the degree of other communist despots. Read the liberal Washington Post Editorial Board on this.

Now, Barack Obama will ensure the Castro brothers and their heirs accumulate great wealth and all the Cubans have to do is promise to give greater internet access to their citizens. That’s it.

Meanwhile, North Korea gets to threaten and intimidate an American film company and then threaten 9/11 style attacks on American movie theaters. The American response? Nothing. Sony Pictures folded, along with American movie houses, knowing the President would never back them up against the thuggish North Korean regime.


President Obama should invite the head of Sony Pictures, the actors and director of “The Interview, and the press to a screening of the movie at the White House. But then that would be an act of strength by the President who wears mom jeans.

And America cannot do that. We must be weak for the world to be strong in Barack Obama’s world view.

Barack Obama sought to fundamentally transform America and he is doing it. As Rush Limbaugh noted to much outrage, for America to succeed, Barack Obama must fail. Unfortunately, the nation is failing as Obama succeeds.

There is, however, one bit of irony. After a week of liberals bellyaching about the United States “torturing” terrorists, we have kowtowed to the terrorists of North Korea and bailed out the Cuban regime — a regime that jails gays, Christians, and dissidents and engages in physical torture and routine killing of any who dare oppose them.

In other words, the leftist outrage is exposed as more about hating the United States than hating human rights abuses.


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