Chris Hughes Insulted the President's Daughters

For those of you outside the Circle of Jerks in New York and Washington, this may be a bit more than you can handle.

The New Republic, which was founded in foam of the sea stirred up by Teddy Roosevelt belly-flopping in order to support the progressive cause and Joe Stalin (seriously), has been slaughtered by a dot-commer who couldn’t get his boy toy into congress this year and now wants to prove he wasn’t just a lucky dot-com bubbler, but can actually do what his college roommate did. His college roommate created a small site called Facebook.


The dot-commer, Chris Hughes, now calls the storied magazine founded by Roosevelt’s flop-sweat, a “digital media company” and has trotted out a host of corporate euphemisms to describe what he is doing, which means he has no idea in hell what he is doing, but he has a crap ton of money to burn and has to prove he is not inferior to those he went to school with.

Did I mention he failed buying his spouse a congressional seat? Dude is now bored and searching.

I tell you all of this because the national press corps is treating the news in the same way it treated some random congressional staffer writing something not nice about the President’s daughters.

I expect Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post to write next week how awful Chris Hughes’s week was and, for once, he will be correct when he says it had nothing to do with Hughes being a Republican. Because Hughes is not.

But he did insult the President’s daughters — just not his biological ones.

The New Republic and its venerable writers have been Cult of Obama yes men who managed, unlike so many others, to look slightly less like they were in the cult. Consequently, it gave a bunch of liberal news journalists in New York and Washington cover to claim they were reading it to get the left’s take, when in reality they were reading it and (no doubt) on Journolist getting their group-think marching orders.


Now that TNR will be transitioned to cat photos and forced to find its own crazy cat lady equivalent of Salon’s Joan Walsh, the Circle of Jerks will either have to more openly expose their leftism by reading Salon and The Nation or set up a new email listserve that risks exposure.

I dare say, the number of journalists in the Circle of Jerks who today cried tears of rage like that dude who wanted people to leave Brittany alone, while also masquerading as supposed objective, nonpartisan journalists was inordinately more than would ever have the same reaction should something like this, God forbid, happen to the National Review or Weekly Standard.

Why? Because these guys are prototypical leftists who depended on the “reasonable commentary” camouflage of the New Republic. Now these poor Atlantic, Washington Post, and New York Times reporters will be forced to read their own editorial boards. Or read Matt Yglesias’s cat photo listicles.

Either way, instead of mourning the loss of a The New Republic, we should all be rooting for injuries.


And we should all laugh at these leftists mourning the loss of a corporation as if it were a person. Mitt Romney would be proud.


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