Elizabeth Lauten Did Not Deserve What Happened to Her

Elizabeth Lauten was a communications staffer for Congressman Fincher of Tennessee. She did something I disagree with. On Facebook, Ms. Lauten critiqued the behavior and outfits of President Obama’s daughters.


I don’t think any child asks for their dad to be President or run for office. They don’t deserve the spotlight.

But that did not keep the media from making a spectacle of the Bush daughters. That did not keep the media from making a spectacle of the Palin family, including speculating on why Trig Palin was not aborted and, by a credible media figure, whether or not Trig Palin’s paternity was legitimate. It did not stop Carol Costello from laughing about Bristol Palin.

In the past this did not stop media hilarity over adopted children into the Romney family and the Bush family.

This rule apparently only applies to Democrats and their children.

I disagree with Elizabeth Lauten, but the level of character assassination on her by the Washington press corps in a coordinated attack by the White House itself was uncalled for.

She has been driven from her job. An old arrest record has been dragged up to further smear her. She has received death threats and hate mail. She is now a pariah because of a Facebook post for which she later apologized.

Carol Costello apologized for her statements on Bristol Palin and kept her job. Then CNN, among other networks, saw fit to drag Elizabeth Lauten through the mud. She had already learned her lesson.


The left thrives on the politics of personal destruction. The rules of civility they demand of everyone else do not apply to them. They demand grace and show none.

If I had the budget, I would immediately hire Elizabeth Lauten. She does not deserve what happened to her. And I hope some conservative somewhere will find her a place to land and heal and restore herself.

The gates of Mordor sprung open at the President’s command. His outrage at the comment was, as a father, understandable. But the lack of mercy, lack of grace, and picking of the carcass reeks of an evil and exceeds the impropriety of the original remarks.

Elizabeth Lauten is now in need of a job and the GOP should show her the kindness the other side demands only for itself.


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