Logos 6 is a Must Have for Serious Bible Study

For about the last month I have been using Logos 6. For those of you who have no idea what it is, if you’re into the Bible at all, you might want to consider it a must have.


Now, there’s a caveat here. I had just starting using the Logos 5 software a week before they asked if I’d like a review copy of Logos 6. It is my first foray into Bible software and I was peer pressured into getting it by David Limbaugh.

In fact, I’d used some Logos apps and, with Seminary starting, I thought it was worth a go. Wow.

Logos is software for Biblical scholarship. With Logos, I can scan the Bible, view a passage as it is in the Hebrew of Greek, then find recurrences of the phrase. And this is key — I can find recurrences of the Greek or Hebrew phrase.

Take Genesis 3:16 and Genesis 4:7, for example. In English, Genesis 3:16 reads in part, “Your desire shall be for your husband”. In Genesis 4:7 we find this: “[Sin’s] desire is for you”. Logos tells me that the root usage of the word “desire” appears only in those two places in the Pentateuch. Consequently, it seems most logical, using the word choice as the same, to think “desire” means to dominate, not submit.

It is pretty impressive.

The additional materials with it are great. And the copying and pasting into other materials is useful. In Seminary, I pull up Logos and as my professor is referencing scripture, I can copy and paste on the fly. With the “Reformed” companion package, as he is quoting various theologians, I can pull up their resources and get the context too.


I highly recommend it.

Now, here is why I may perhaps be a bad reviewers. This is my first real deep dive into Logos. But I’m finding it is very valuable. Heck, even if not in Seminary, but with an interest in the Bible, it is spot on. I can prepare Sunday School lessons with greater ease. I can go deeper and sound smarter than I’d have ever been able to before hand.

It makes searching the Bible and companion texts very easy. Exegesis has become common in my study routine. It also lets me do great slides for presentations or even Instagram.

I’m really excited to be diving into Logos. I have started using it on a daily basis as just a devotional (also made easy with the program).

If you are at all interested in deeper Biblical study, I can’t think of a greater tool. You can buy a bunch of hardback books, or get Logos. From Logos you can get mostly the same books, with updates, and more without filling up shelf after shelf in your house.


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