Placating the Envirogelicals With the Fierce Urgency of Eleven Years From Now

As many of the United States are seeing record early snow fall, the President has gone to China to cut a deal with the Chicoms on global warming. The left wants us to know it is a major, pressing issue. In fact, if we don’t do something immediately, Miami is going to be under water, there is no stopping it, and we sure as heck cannot reverse it.


So the President proposes that in eleven years we will have reduced emissions by 26 to 28 percent. We are, as most realize, already producing less emissions than we did in 2005.

In exchange for President Obama pledging to obliterate the American economy, which this would do, the Chinese have pledged exactly nothing. As press reports put it, “Xi Jinping, did not pledge any reductions by a specific date, but rather set a target for China’s emissions to peak by 2030, or earlier if possible.” A November 2012 article in the left-wing Guardian reported that China’s emissions are expected to rise until about 2030 and then begin to decline. In other words, we are going to actively reduce emissions while China does precisely zero.

That’s not a deal so much as a sham.

In fact, this “deal” shows just how unserious President Obama is about global warming.

He is stretching the timeline out beyond not just his Presidency, by the possible Presidencies of two other people. The emissions goal will not be reached until after two more Presidential terms.

The President also waited to do this until Republicans took control of the Senate. Treaties require a Senate vote. Any effort to do this without a vote of the Senate is a wasted effort because Republicans have signaled they will undermine the effort.

Most importantly, it is hard for Democrats, despite their best efforts, to prove this is an electoral winner. They had Tom Steyer, their Koch equivalent, who lost across the map pushing an environmentalist agenda. In the alternative, if they claim it is the right thing to do, why did the President wait until the Democrats lost the Senate?


Were Democrats as serious about global warming as they claim to be, there’d be immediate action, not action pushed out beyond the next decade. And they’d also be pushing China to decrease their emissions instead of consenting to China’s continued increases without annual caps on output.

This is all for show, all for press, and all to placate the Envirogelicals — the environmentalists who have replaced worship of Christ with worship of Christ’s creation. They are a large part of the donor base of the Democratic Party.

Mother Jones and other left wing publications think this is a big deal. The priests within the envirogelical movement will offer up sacrifice, hymn, and sermon, but Jesus Christ himself will return before Obama’s deal has a chance of actually happening.

In one other part of the deal, the President re-iterated his prior position that Tibet is part of Chicom held territory and that the United States opposes its independence. Richard Gere was unavailable for comment.


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