Steve Munisteri is the Big Winner From Tuesday

You have probably never heard of Steve Munisteri, but you need to get to know him. Munisteri is the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party. He got in that position by challenging the Texas Republican establishment. He fought his way in as an outsider.


After he won, panic set in among Texas Republicans. They were pretty sure they were screwed. Munisteri was an outsider after all. When Battleground Texas geared up, the GOP worried. But Munisteri did not flinch. He did not blink.

It is hard to overstate the devastation Democrats suffered in Texas on Tuesday.

Greg Abbott won the metro Houston, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Austin areas save for Travis and Dallas counties. He won Hispanic men and got 44% of the overall Hispanic vote. He won women.

The Texas Democrats nominated an Agriculture Commissioner candidate who did not campaign and did not even show up at the Democrats’ state convention. That candidate got as many votes as the media’s beloved Wendy Davis.

Republicans were able to flip Democrat seats in Texas.

Steve Munisteri deserves a lot of credit for what the Texas GOP did. And nationally, the GOP could learn from his leadership.


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