Why Those White Women Want Nothing To Do With Barack Obama

If a group of white Republican women adamantly refused to go near a black man and complained loudly about him, the political press would destroy them as racists.


That is what is happening, however, in Louisiana, North Carolina, and Georgia. Two of the three women, Landrieu and Nunn, are the legacies of old Democrat families in their home states. Hagan is politically connected and of a Democratic political family, though not quite as much an in-state legacy family.

These three women want nothing to do with America’s first black President. Michelle Nunn and Georgia can show us precisely why. You can visibly see it.

Just over a week ago, President Obama called into V-103, an urban station in Atlanta. He urged voters to go put Michelle Nunn in the Senate. He said he could not get his agenda accomplished without her.

Nunn’s Republican rival, David Perdue, immediately turned around the quotes into advertisements. Ending Spending, a thirty party group supporting Perdue, was actually out of the gate the fastest making sure everybody knew what President Obama had said.

Below is a close up of the Real Clear Politics polling average for Georgia. You can visibly see the aftermath of President Obama publicly supporting Michelle Nunn. Perdue, having fallen below Nunn in the polling average, has now bounced back.

Ads with the President’s voice in support of Nunn are all over radio and television in Georgia.



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