The Love Affair With Obamacare

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Americans love Obamacare, the New York Times propagandizes today. It’s not the only media outfit running with this story today, suggesting a coordinated campaign effort a week before the election.


According to the New York Times, it is too soon to tell if Obamacare is working, except with the young. There, Obamacare seems to be working. But, here’s the kicker. With the Obama Administration claiming Obamacare would reduce costs, the New York Times finds it only has at the margins.

The paper also speculates that the exchanges will work better next year. And, most importantly, the paper has to admit Obamacare has not been as affordable as promised.

Most importantly, the propagandists largely ignore the fact that Obamacare is deeply unpopular still. They ignore the millions of Americans who could not keep their doctor or insurance. They ignore the millions of Americans forced into a system they do not want.

The media, a week before the election, is doing its best to re-write how awesome Obamacare is. To do so, they have to ignore most of the major contentions by conservatives.

The media really is predictable. They have spent a year ignoring complaints and concerns over Obamacare, downplaying so many real-world stories. Now, a week before the election, they’d have us believe everything is just fine.


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