The Last Week

This is, thankfully, the final week in the run up to the general election. The day after, I’ll have a post-election call. You can sign up for it here.

This week, the Democrats are going to pull out all the stops. In North Carolina, they’re focusing on Trayvon Martin to scare black voters. In Georgia, they are focused on Ferguson for the same thing. More likely than not, the Democrats will be unsuccessful.


They will be unsuccessful for a few reasons.

First, President Obama is deeply unpopular. His handling of multiple situations from ISIS to Ebola to the border have done his party no favors.

Second, Democrats have overplayed their hand. Like Republicans after 2004, Democrats have convinced themselves they have a permanent majority. There is no such thing. But they have behaved as if they not only no longer have to answer for their actions, but can shut down any who question them.

Third, as Democrats have overplayed their hand, so has the left as a whole. Their aggressive advances in the culture wars from abortion to gay marriage have many people suddenly caring in ways they did not anticipate. Their aggressive anti-gun agenda has activated some single issue voters who may have sat at home. They have galvanized evangelical voters who are not all that enthusiastic about the GOP.

Each side can and should be governed by ideology and principle. But there must be a careful balance between letting ideology guide and imposing one’s ideology on others. The left and Democrats have crossed that line and voters will retaliate.


But this leaves the GOP in an interesting position. They will not have won so much as the Democrats will have lost. The GOP is still deeply hated by many.

About the only two things more unpopular than the GOP today are Obama and Obamacare. The GOP would be wise to target Obamacare for destruction and begin, finally, investigating the Obama Administration’s attempts to politicize all aspects of the federal bureaucracy.

Voters distrust big government. Republicans should, assuming they win the Senate, begin exposing all the ills of Barack Obama’s big government.


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