Jason Carter, Jimmy's Grandson, Thinks Our Rights Come From the Government

Jason Carter is who the Democrats have chosen to lose in the gubernatorial race this year in Georgia. Carter is History’s Greatest Monster’s grandson. He’s a Duke grad. He’s a practicing attorney. He is in the Georgia State Senate.


Over the weekend, Carter participated in a gubernatorial debate and all but admitted he supports gay marriage. You can hear what he said for yourself. But I give you his biography — emphasis on being a lawyer — for how he says he is for gay marriage.

Carter, in his own words, believes the government “doles out” our rights. No, this may surprise you. You may think that in our American system we have “unalienable rights” endowed by our Creator. But Carter thinks otherwise. In his own words, government doles out our rights to us.

Carter opposed religious liberty legislation in Georgia that protects Christians from being forced to provide goods and services to a gay wedding. Now he also thinks the government can dole out rights. If the government can dole out rights, surely it can take them back at its pleasure.



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