So It Is a Problem That the Nurse With Ebola Got on a Plane

The nurse who now has Ebola in Texas flew on a plane days before apparently developing symptoms. The CDC is freaked out and wants passengers who were on the plane with the nurse to call them.



They CDC opposes a travel ban to West Africa. They say that if the person had no symptoms there is no reason to worry. They say the nurse had no symptoms.

So why is the CDC so insistent other passengers call in? I thought if the nurse had no symptoms she was not contagious.

And if this is a big deal, why shouldn’t we stop flights from West Africa?

Little of what the CDC is doing makes sense to outside observers. And the muddied, contradictory statements are causing more alarm than there probably need be.

People have little faith in government these days and the CDC’s current handling of the situation makes the problem worse.

A travel ban seems like a no-brainer. Why do I get the feeling the leadership at the CDC is looking at the situation politically? Every agency in the Obama Administration has seemed to become more political. It happened at the IRS. Of course it can happen at the CDC.

This is not good.


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