Nine Days, Mr. President

Well thank goodness. Naked and semi-naked pictures of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence have been put online by hackers who hacked the celebrities’ online accounts. No doubt the very same hackers celebrate Edward Snowden and hate the NSA snooping.


The upside of the celebrity nudity being put online is that the White House staff can rest easy. They will have something to blame should there be an attack on September 11th. Rumor has it that White House interns have been scouring YouTube for another video to have on standby to blame. The interns can stand down now – they have naked celebrities. Allah is surely offended.

Two years ago, American installations in Egypt and Libya were attacked on September 11th. The Administration was caught with its pants down and had to rely on a YouTube video, instead of the date, to explain the attacks. Now, President Obama has given IS/IS/L nearly a year to spread its wings, acquire our military hardware, and take over a significant portion of Iraq. In addition, he has admitted he has no strategy to combat the terrorists.

With more military warnings about possible incursions across our well advertised unsecured border, our well advertised lack of strategy, the President’s insistence on a hands off approach, etc., I hope President Obama remembers September 11th is only nine days away.

God help us all.



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