Leave Us Alone

The Circle of Jerks is going blind over the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. It spells doom for everyone. In a nutshell, Americans hate the President, hate the congress, hate the Democrats, hate the Republicans, and want to burn Washington, D.C. to the ground.

Politically, it is worse for the Democrats than the Republicans because Barack Obama and not George W. Bush is in charge. But it is an all around mess. Voters hate Washington.

The Circle of Jerks are all abuzz about it, but exempting their own behavior from the problem. It’s just the elected guys, not the unelected guys, according to the Circle of Jerks. But they are wrong.

Over the past two years, the Republicans and not the Democrats, have had a contentious set of primaries as grassroots voters agitate for change in Washington. Overwhelming, the same people in Washington rattling sabers over this latest polling were peddling Washington establishment talking points against the grassroots’ candidates. The Republican voters were willing to up end the status quo. The reporters and pundits now all abuzz about how the public hates Washington’s status quo were attacking those who want to upset the status quo.

And that’s the problem. Many of the reporters, pundits, and commentariat class have married or slept their way into the status quo and have no real problem with preserving it. They see that most Americans hate them and they only fret because of their superficial desire to be liked.

Very view pieces of commentary out of Washington these days mention voters or constituents except to note they are pissed off. Instead, we get articles about what the Chamber of Commerce wants, what unions want, what conservative groups want, etc. What about what the voters want?

Often, the press doesn’t know or understand. They misread the voters. They take their presumptions and shape poll questions on policy that don’t really reflect what the voters mean or want. They fail to nuance. Everything must be outsider vs. insider, red vs. blue, and Republican vs. Democrat. The “objective” commentary is incapable of anything but binary and therefore dumbs down reporting and view points.

On top of this all is something else. When the Circle of Jerks see that Washington is hated, they blame the dysfunction and think if only Washington worked efficiently, all would be well. The reality is that if Washington did not play as big a role in our lives and left us to our own devices, we would actually be well. Until Washington and the Circle of Jerks leave us the hell alone, we will find no improvement here. Washington is the problem. It must be reduced to reduce the problem.

But the press corps, above all biases, is biased in favor of government doing something. Shrinking, to them, is not doing something.