Calvin Turnquest for US House of Representatives, FL District 18


RedState is backing Calvin Turnquest for the United States House of Representatives. The reason is pretty simple. Calvin is a conservative. His opponent is not. In fact, his opponent is a Charlie Crist crony, but thankfully not orange.


Calvin Turnquest believes in limited government. He is not a crony capitalist. He believes in a thriving Main Street at a time the only thing thriving are the kickbacks from Washington to Wall Street.

Calvin Turnquest believes in a strong foreign policy at a time Washington is squandering its good will in the world. But Calvin Turnquest understands we cannot build new nations or serve as a policeman.

Calvin Turnquest is right on life, right on the second amendment, and right on spending and the debt.

His opponent is a big government Republican who will have the ear of major Republican donors, the Chamber of Commerce, and crony capitalists lining their wallets with your tax dollars. His opponent will tell Barack Obama no, but will never tell the GOP no. He’ll be a rubber stamp for a party in search of an agenda.


Calvin Turnquest is not afraid to tell the GOP no. He’s not afraid to tell them no to blank checks for Barack Obama. He’s not afraid to tell them no to bigger government. He’s not afraid to tell them to stop feeding the leviathan. And he is not going to redirect your tax dollars to mega-donors of the party who do not share your interests.

If you live in the 18th congressional district in Florida, you will want to vote for Calvin Turnquest in the Republican primary.


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