End DACA Or Go Home

House Republicans are about to pass legislation that does nothing to secure our border while allowing amnesty to many of those who’ve come across the border illegally. What the measure does not do is deal with DACA, the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program the President instituted by executive order.


Without shutting down DACA, the House Republicans will essentially be spending a pile of money to do nothing substantive.

Conservatives are fighting over all sorts of issues with the House Republicans’ proposal, but they need to do just one thing: they need to insist the legislation shut down DACA. Without that, we will have failed to remove the most immediate and widely accepted incentive causing the mass immigration across our southern border.

If the House GOP will not end DACA through legislation, they cannot honestly say they are serious about the issue.

Call your congressman now and tell him any House action on immigration must shut down DACA.


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