Michelle Nunn: A Consultant's Golem Coming for the Jews

A golem is a being of inanimate material magically given anthropomorphic abilities. Back when I was a political consultant I would tell candidates that they were lumps of clay to be molded. In a memo discovered by National Review, Michelle Nunn has all the makings of not being her own woman, but rather being a consultant’s golem.


Not only a golem, but one whose organization is related to funding for Hamas and now wants Jews to fund her political ambition. The campaign email is filled with great stereotypes. Nunn’s campaign wants gays, Asians, and Jews to fund it, but wants blacks and hispanics to be her grassroots base.

Note that she has to come up with a position on Israel. Her consultants list it as “TBD”, but note that the better the position, the more money she can generate.

Those are the sensational bits. But the other is far more damning. Michelle Nunn is actually Michelle Martin. Her campaign, however, made the decision to trade on her dad’s last name instead of her married name. They want her to appear in rural settings with her family to relate to Georgians. In fact, the campaign consultants all but plainly state Michelle Nunn’s biggest problem is that her accomplishments and maiden name are the same.


Michelle Nunn’s campaign is a Democrat fabrication. She has no serious experience that qualifies her for the job, which is why she is running on her dad’s name and image. She has no serious ties to Georgia, which is why she has to talk about her grandmother and father in her advertisements.

She is molded by consultants and will say and do what they tell her to get her elected. And they told her to try not to appear to be a liberal. We know so far she has come out for gun control and Obamacare. This is going to be harder for her than she thought.


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