It Appears a New York Times Writer Wants Orthodox Christian and Islamic Views Stamped Out. "Ruthlessly."

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Who will rid Josh Barro of these turbulent priests? Barro is a writer at the New York Times. He has taken to twitter to proclaim that “anti-LGBT attitudes are terrible” and “we need to stamp them out, ruthlessly.”


Barro supports gay marriage, etc. The BLT&G[insert preferred letters here] ideas of picking your gender, same sex marriage, etc. are incompatible with Christianity, Islam, and more.

In order to “stamp out” these attitudes “ruthlessly” society will have to go where only totalitarian societies like to go.

But then the totalitarianism of the left knows no bounds when it comes to “tolerance.”

Certainly I’d like to think Barro doesn’t have extermination of the religious at mind, but then King Henry never said to kill Thomas a Becket. He just openly pondered about who would rid him of that turbulent priest.

There are a whole lot of turbulent priests who’d need to be silenced to get rid of what Barro believes are “anti-LGBT attitudes.”


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