Republican Mike Collins' Campaign Staff Endorse Democrats Hijacking a Republican Primary

Mike Collins is the son of former Congressman Mac Collins and is trying very hard to grab his dad’s old congressional district. He’s even willing to use Democrats to do it.


In the last two weeks, as I’ve previously reported, Democrats have begun receiving absentee ballot applications in the mail encouraging them to vote for Mike Collins. There has been a question about who is responsible.

More and more signs point to a coordinated effort in conjunction with the Collins campaign to use Democrats to hijack the Georgia runoff against conservative Jody Hice.

On twitter, three of Mike Collins’s paid staffers have trumpeted that Democrats are helping them defeat Jody Hice. They are pulling a Mississippi strategy like that used to defeat Chris McDaniel. In addition, they have begun going around the district tearing down Jody Hice’s campaign signs.

Hopefully conservatives will not reward the campaign thuggery and coordinated hijinks to shift the 10th congressional district toward Collins and away from the best conservative for the job, Jody Hice.


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