Chris Christie Heads to Iowa. So Do Conservatives.

Chris Christie is headed to Iowa today. Whenever any politician heads to Iowa, the media starts buzzing about Presidential prospects. Just in case, the Judicial Crisis Network is going to greet the Governor with advertisements.


There are, believe it or not, conservatives who have tried to give Chris Christie the benefit of the doubt on many issues. But one area where even those conservative get the jitters is judicial appointments. The Governor of New Jersey is a relatively powerful governor who makes many more appointments than the average governor.

Christie, for example, appointed Stuart Rabner as Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. Rabner is so liberal that he has been talked about as an Obama pick for the federal judiciary. Rabner was first appointed by John Corzine. There have been five other picks that have given conservative concern.

In that vein, the Judicial Crisis Network is launching ads in Iowa, a state that has had its own confrontation with activist judges. The ads will remind people that Christie is not so hot on an issue that will be of monumental importance to the right in 2016.

You can take a gander at the 90 second spot here and the 15 second spot here. The ads will be run online targeted toward people who live in Iowa. They expect their $75,000.00 purchase will generate 5.5 million impressions to a new micro-website:



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