John Boehner is Right on Impeachment

I maintain that John Boehner’s lawsuit against the President is a political stunt. There may be some plausible legal grounds to get the suit into court, but even if successful President Obama will be out of office before such a suit is finally resolved. It’s a political stunt wasting taxpayer dollars.


I maintain that the House Republicans should be more interested in doing what is right and less interested in political stunts. Doing what is right is using their Article One powers under the Constitution. The House has two exclusive powers: the power of the purse and the power of impeachment.

As I have written several times, impeachment would be crazy. I get the angst by some Republicans who want the President impeached. But it is crazy talk right now. There aren’t the votes and even if there were the votes it’d never make it through the Senate and would most assuredly scuttle our chances of taking the Senate.

Impeachment is not an option. John Boehner is right to say so.

That leaves the power of the purse. But the GOP is so scared of blame if Barack Obama shut down the government again that they will not use that constitutional power.

All that remains is campaigning against the President into November of 2014. If the House won’t use the power it has under the constitution because it is fearful of blame, it has only itself to blame.


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