Who Are These People?

One of my pet peeves, even with some good friends, are some of these mostly internet and email conservative groups I’ve never heard of. I am generally in the know on these groups. But, frankly, if I see a group peddling Ben Carson for President or Allen West for [insert office du jour here] I delete them. I do wonder, however, how many of seniors, veterans, and hard working conservatives are being scammed by groups that are mostly playing consultants.


I got an email yesterday from the “Conservative Action Fund.” At first I thought the Senate Conservatives Fund had changed its name to broaden its reach. After all, the masthead had Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Sarah Palin in it. But alas, no. The Conservative Action Fund is something different. In 2012 it seems consultants made good coin off it.

Compare that, by the way, with the Senate Conservatives Fund where its top expenditures all directly benefitted candidates.

According to its email, my email address was added to the Conservative Action Fund’s email list on October 9, 2013. I assure you all that I did not give them my email address. Hell, two of my email addresses were signed up in addition to RedState’s contact email.

The message from the group is that they want money to help Chris McDaniel fund his legal challenge to the runoff in Mississippi. From the email:

Of course, successfully mounting a winning legal challenge takes a significant amount of resources – and there is no time to lose. That’s why I’m going to fight to help McDaniel. Can you donate $17.76, $177.60 or whatever you can afford to the Conservative Action Fund immediately to help Chris McDaniel’s challenge? Can you help in the next 48 hours?


I have no idea who the Conservative Action Fund is. I have no idea what they will do with the money. But the disclosures thus far do not lead me to a reassuring feeling that Chris McDaniel will see any of it. More so, I did not give them any email address of mine. But they sure want me to think I did.

I hope the Conservative Action Fund, if it really is raising money to Chris McDaniel, will open the doors and show us just how much it raises off its email and how much it actually does send to Chris McDaniel’s legal effort.



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