The Senate Conservatives Fund Provides $70,000.00 to Fight

I hear all the time the establishment guys in DC say that people like me are in this for the money. Just this morning, Rep. Tom Cole went on MSNBC to say I was somehow profiting from pointing out that John Boehner is engaged in a political stunt.


We hear that also about conservative groups in D.C. The Establishment has repeatedly attacked the Senate Conservatives Fund for taking advantage of conservatives and wasting money. In fact, the Senate Conservatives Fund pours out in excess of seventy percent of all dollars raised on candidates — more than the NRSC does. And now comes word that the Senate Conservatives Fund is sending $70,000.00 to help Chris McDaniel investigate election fraud in Mississippi.

I am a proud supporter of the Senate Conservatives Fund. I have given them money for years because, unlike other groups claiming to help the cause, I know SCF does, in fact, spend its money wisely and for the cause. I’m also delighted that they’ll be sponsoring the RedState Gathering this year, for the first time.

The DC Establishment hates the Senate Conservatives Fund because, despite all the lies and attacks, SCF consistently funds the right causes. If you want to give SCF a donation, go here. They will send the money out to the candidates and causes that matter.

Also, if you have not heard, Ken Cuccinelli, former Attorney General of Virginia, has just been named the president of the Senate Conservatives Fund.


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