I Do Not Believe It

“[T]hat amounts to approximately 35 million ad impressions in four days, in Mississippi, including over a weekend.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee says there was nothing wrong with its advertising buy in Mississippi.


In fact, the NRSC’s spokesman tells me the ad buy was for web ads.

This is either a load of horse manure or the NRSC is filled with greater incompetence that we first imagined.

According to FEC records, the NRSC an Alexandria, VA company $13,000.00 for media production and $69,000.00 for media placement on June 20, 2014, with the Mississippi runoff on June 24, 2014.

On the exact same day the NRSC paid a media buying company to place its advertising, “All Citizens of Mississippi” used the exact same company from Virigina to place its advertising attacking tea party groups. We have documentation that “All Citizens of Mississippi” placed ads. All we have from the NRSC is a denial that beggars belief.

The NRSC claims the two ads it produced and placed online were this one and this one. Both used voice over. One used stock footage and photos. The other used an amateur videotape. Neither, in other words, used a crew on the ground filming specifically for the commercials.


But the NRSC would have us believe it paid $13,000.00 to produce both ads.

But what is even more amazing is that the NRSC would have us believe it then spent $69,000.00 on Friday, June 20, 2014, to run these web ads four days. As Sean Davis notes, that amounts to approximately 35 million ad impressions in four days, in Mississippi, over a weekend.

I suppose that is possible, but it surely is not probable. I do not believe it. And I think the NRSC needs a further accounting from its independent expenditure office. We should not just settle for its word on this when the numbers do not add up.


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