Two More Things About John Boehner's Lawsuit

It’s worth noting two more things about John Boehner’s opinion piece at CNN regarding his pending lawsuit.

He writes:

in my view, the President has not faithfully executed the laws when it comes to a range of issues, including his health care law, energy regulations, foreign policy and education.


Note that he does not mention immigration.

Second, I don’t hold it against him that what he is proposing is legislation to authorize a lawsuit. That’s how it has to be done. The House must approve filing a lawsuit. No, the Senate need not approve it because the House sets its own rules.

But, what I do find fascinating, is he repeats twice that Democrats have refused to consider House legislation on job creation, etc. That’s a political issue, not a legal issue. The courts cannot force the Democrats to consider legislation from the House of Representatives. The House can refuse to funding the government in retaliation, but the GOP is too scared of blame to do that.

So we get costly, taxpayer funded political theater instead.


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