The NRSC May Have Improperly Funded Third Party Ads in Mississippi

Serious allegations are cropping up against the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The NRSC paid an Alexandria, VA company $13,000.00 for media production and $69,000 for media on June 20, 2014. On the same day that same company placed media buys for “All Citizens of Mississippi,” a campaign group that has failed to file any documentation with the FEC other than its statement of organization.


Here’s the problem. No one can seem to find any evidence that any ads ran in Mississippi after June 20th paid for an authorized by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. In fact, Rick Shaftan, a political consultant, has searched for NRSC ads and cannot find them.

So did the NRSC fund the third party ads attacking the tea party? All the NRSC needs to do is document its advertising after June 20th. Thus far it has not only chosen to do so, but some of those close to the NRSC have reacted with hostility to the idea that the NRSC should disclose its advertising.

It’s clear that the NRSC paid for media on June 20th. Where did it go?

Got News has all the details and PDFs of the documentation that show the troubling documentation.


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