Meet the Huffington Post's 'Senior Political Economy Reporter', Zach Carter

One of the complaints I have had for a very long time, magnified during my time on television, is the lack of depth or historic knowledge of many reporters in the circle of jerks that makes up the national press corps.


For many of those who are around my age, history began for them with George Chimpy McBushHitler Halliburton stealing an election in 2000 with the help of five thieves dressed in black on the Supreme Court. For those younger than me, history began when they had their first thigh sweats and nocturnal emissions while dreaming of hope and change in 2008.

They lack historic curiosity, run with a pack of likeminded liberals who shun the whole idea of understanding conservatives, and are convinced that they must save the world, which is divided between victim and victimizer. All their story telling boils down to that casting and nuance is their enemy.

Zach Carter is a thirty-one year old in that mould. Hugh Hewitt does an excellent interview of Carter. Unsurprisingly, Carter does not even know who Alger Hiss is. In fact, he does not know much of anything.


This thirty-one year old is the Huffington Post’s senior political economy reporter having left college in 2005 and gone to work as “a banking reporter at SNL Financial, which is a little data and financial journalism spot in Charlottesville, Virginia.”

I realize the internet changes things. And I realize I am not even forty. But I sure wish “senior” reporters had some more real-world experience before entering the safe confines of their liberal bubble. What the hell is a “political economy” reporter anyway?


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