$225,000.00 for Hillary Clinton to Speak at the Univerity of Nevada

They say that conservatives tend to be more charitable. Hillary Clinton tends to take more from charity it seems. She charged $225,000.00 to speak to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. It’s wonderful she can charge that much, but perhaps she should have cut a deal with the taxpayer funded university. After all, she is deeply concerned about the rising costs of tuition for students.


As Jon Ralston noted

If Hillary speaks for 90 minutes – I bet she doesn’t– that would be $2,500 a minute, or about the cost of 13 credits for an undergrad.

She may claim that she gives the money to the Clinton Foundation, but that has its own problems. The students and alumni of UNLV are subsidizing the Clintons’ lifestyle.

Seriously, what is it with these people? The Clintons have sucked from the taxpayer teet since the seventies and just can’t seem to give it up.


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