Gov. Nikki Haley Will Be There

The time is running out for you to meet Nikki Haley. Governor Haley was at the very first RedState Gathering. We rallied after that Gathering to get her elected. And we’ve been supporting her ever since. Gov. Haley has also been to just about every RedState Gathering.


This year she is in the middle of her re-election campaign. But she wants to meet you guys and will be joining us in Fort Worth, TX. Register now to meet Governor Haley.

She’s been leading the fight against the Obama Administration encroaching on state power. She has some amazing stories to share and can also tell us about all the businesses South Carolina has attracted. If you follow her on twitter, you see she’s been welcoming a lot of business to South Carolina.

So register now and come meet Governor Nikki Haley at the RedState Gathering.


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