NRSC Independent Expenditure Guy Buys A Lot of Phone Calls

FLS Connect is a big vendor to the GOP. I’ve written about it more than once. It got Voter Vault from the RNC. It has made a pile of phone calls for GOP groups. The NRCC paid FLS Connect a lot of money in 2008. And the Chiefs of Staff of the RNC have had a habit of coming from there.


When Rich Beeson, formerly of FLS, left the RNC job he was replaced by Jeff Larson, who left FLS to go work there. Larson says he sold his stake in FLS after 2010. But he’s a robocall guy. It is in his blood. And he just spent $93,000.00 at the NRSC to do more robocalls.

I’d be curious to see which company got the money to make the phone calls. And I’ll be curious to see which consultants are making money from the NRSC in races that will deprive its challengers of money come November. Which Republicans will lose because the NRSC ran out of money defending incumbents?


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